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Our Major Products
Enjoy low rates and great savings on our state-of-the-art local and long distance telephone services. Utilizing breakthrough technology, Wideways is able to provide our customers with unbeatable rates on both local and long distance telephone services.
We guarantee reliability, quality of service, and 24-hour customer service on all your telephone needs. Call or e-mail Wideways today and "hear the difference."

Wideways is the leading provider of Internet access, both broadband and dialup. We provide Internet access and network solutions to various businesses, including cybercafes, hospitals, churches, non-profit organizations, government entities and other Internet Service Providers. Wideways utilizes the latest wireless technology and the industry's greatest breadth of point-to-multipoint and point-to-point products to provide flexible and scalable solutions for maximum customer profits. From Internet access and network backhaul to enterprise bridging and mobile public safety, Wideways is your "one stop shop!"
Whether you need mail for personal use or business use, Wideways has your perfect solution. Wideways' webmail is ideal for private users, allowing you to send and receive mail from your own domain name.
We offer a secure, 128 bit encrypted email service including; POP3, IMAP, webmail, up-to 100MB mailboxes, Spam DNA Filtering®, virus protection, SSL and 24x7 support. Our email services are reliable, affordable, and easy to use.
Wideways is dedicated to providing local and long distance phone card services like international phone cards, pre-paid and post-paid calling cards with crisp, clear connections and automatic search.
Our international calling cards and prepaid phonecards offer the lowest rates for calling to many countries which provide more minutes than ever before with no or low connection fees. To learn more about our low-fee international or pre-paid calling cards, call or e-mail us at
Would you like to start your own Call Shop? Would you like to own a piece of the booming telecommunications industry? Why not let Wideways design the telecommunications network for your business. Wideways' all-in-one Call Shop Solution (CSS) includes an analysis, design and installation of single, or multiple telephone lines to allow for profit maximization. We can install any number of phone lines your business requires. All your local,  long distance and calling card platforms will be configured for maximum efficiency. Our solutions are very affordable and we offer flexible payment plans. "...the Telephone People" are here to serve you! Call or visit us today at our headquarters:
182 Ogui Road, Asata, Enugu State
Tel: 234-42 200200 
Being the leading telecommunications company in Nigeria and backed by an excellent infrastructure and management team, Wideways Ltd  is able to provide several value-added services to its customers. Services such as web page hosting, Local Area Network (LAN) & Wide Area Network (WAN) integration, Information Technology (IT) & engineering consulting are some of our major value added services. Here at Wideways, we are constantly doing the research and development necessary to come up with new ideas and products to enhance and fulfill our customer's business goals.
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